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                 Good acoustics add value to any space which is used by people. The design for good acoustics begins from the architectural drawing stage. It is cost-effective to associate our acoustic designers with the architect when the building is conceived at the drawing board. Associating an acoustic designer earlier than that can help in site selection too.

                Our acoustic designs are based on the latest acoustic research and established principles in the field of acoustics and psychoacoustics. The designs are verified using EASE computer modeling and simulations. Further, we design the absorbing, diffusing and reflecting acoustic panels needed for the hall, to the desired specifications. The choice for surface finish material is mostly between wood and gypsum. Any colour scheme can also be achieved with these materials. The aesthetics are important and the panels’ shapes, location and finish are chosen to meet the desired final look.

              We are also equipped with computer based acoustical measurement system to evaluate our acoustic designs. The evaluation is based on major acoustic parameters like, Early Decay Time, Reverberation Time, Clarity etc.

         We meet audio and acoustics needs of a project on turn-key basis.

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