Our acoustic designs are supported by custom designed acoustic panels. For preparing a hall for good acoustics, the acoustic studies and design is the first step. The design works out the specifications for the acoustic panels. These acoustic panels are then fabricated to meet the specifications. We have a team specializing in fabricating acoustic panel.

PANEL MATERIALS: Recommended materials for durability and aesthetics are wood and gypsum. These can be given any color scheme and finish.

TYPES OF ACOUSTIC PANELS: There are three basic types of acoustic panels.

1. Absorbing Panels: Cavity resonance and panel resonance designs are used to make high frequency and low frequency absorbers. The best quality materials are used for ensuring absorption characteristics do not degrade with time. The highest quality wood, Owen Corning fiber glass of desired density and the best quality screws and adhesives are used in our fabrication. The workmanship is of high order.

2. Diffusing Panels: Design follows QRD and PRD theory first proposed by Dr. M.R. Schroeder. These are random depth wells with width designed for diffusing a band of frequencies. In addition to diffusing, these panels can help in lateralizing the sound propagation.

3. Reflecting Panels: We design parabolic reflectors to project sound on distant audience as required by the acoustic design.

SIZES OF PANELS: The standard size of panels is 600mmx600mm, 600mmx1200mm, 600mmx2400mm. However in our acoustic design we custom design the panels and sizes may vary depending on the panels location to meet the aesthetics and specifications.

Sample Panels

Slit Absorber

Installed Panels

Diffuser with Grille

Diffuser PRD

Overlap Absorber

Slit Absorber


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