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Bali Acoustic Company


Technical Features of B.A.C. Loudspeakers: Designing and developing a loudspeaker is an art as well as science. With 15 years of intensive R&D in loudspeaker development we claim our loudspeakers to be the best by all quality standards. We continue to improve the product with new materials and designs in order to give the best to our customers.

Box Design & Quality:  The loudspeaker box design is based on driver parameters and loudspeaker mathematical model. The fabrication is done indigenously using the best quality marine plywood. The box is internally well braced minimizing sound coloration. The box shape is suited to the application and is styled for modularity and minimum diffraction from the edges.

Driver Units: The driver units used are manufactured in our factory from precision components designed and developed by our technical team. The voice coil is made from high temperature adhesive and using high temperature wire wound on special Kapton former. Aluminum die cast woofer chassis is used for rigidity, higher force factor and better thermal dissipation. The unit is thoroughly tested before fitment.

Crossover Networks: The crossover network like any other part of the loudspeaker plays a crucial role in achieving good loudspeaker performance. We design our networks using computer based optimization techniques and measured loudspeaker response in low and high frequency range. All networks are fabricated with in our production facility

Testing and Quality Control: The frequency and impedance response of each loudspeaker is measured and ensured with in specifications before its shipping to the user.

APPLICATION: Auditorium, Concert Halls, Theatres, Home, Audiovisual rooms, Conference Halls, Cafeteria/Dining Halls, Studio Monitors, Stage Monitors