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Bali Acoustic Company

About Us

                 Bali Acoustic Company was conceived with an aim to serve the architectural acoustics and high-end quality speaker needs of the society. The core strength of the company lies in research and development and the matching high production standards in all its products. The groundwork for entering the field started in 1986 with study and experimental work of underwater sound propagation and processing of sound signals using digital signal processing and associated analog electronics. However active work in the area of speaker design started in 1992 with the sole aim to produce high quality speakers system.

          The company invested time and resources focused all its professional skills to develop speakers and architectural acoustics products to ensure that sound reproduction is further supported by good acoustics. The company was registered in 1995 and has been consistently producing high-end speakers and designing for good acoustics.

        All components of our speaker systems are designed and developed within the company to ensure quality and reliability of our products. Our system design is based on Thiele-Small parameters. The crossovers used are designed for overall uniform speaker response. The air core inductors and quality capacitors are used to minimize distortion. The speaker drivers used are manufactured by us with high precision using quality adhesives. Our speaker enclosure designs and fabrication stand the best technically and in performance.

      All our products are guaranteed for 5 years and we support them through their life.

     Our scientific approach in all our designs and products ensures that we upgrade our facilities and design tools from time to time. Our acoustic design is verified with EASE computer modeling and simulations. This  enables us   to fine tune    our designs   and  offer     cost-effective solutions to our customers. We have computer based facility to measure loudspeaker response and acoustic parameters of any space/room/hall. We have also added capability to develop acoustical components like Sound Absorbers, Diffusers and Reflectors to meet demands of any custom design.

                 We are thankful to our customers for their support to help us re-invest in to Research and Development and generate core strength in the area of audio and acoustics with in the country.