1. What is audio system design?

2. How is audio system selection made?

3. How important are different components of the audio chain?

4. Which is the single most important component on which audio quality depends?

5. What makes B.A.C. loudspeakers quality high?

6. How is audio wiring selection and layout decided?


7. What is acoustics?

8. What is acoustic design?

9. What is acoustic paneling?

10. How is acoustic paneling different from decorative paneling?

11. What is value addition if good acoustics are achieved?

12. Why does one require good acoustics for a large space/hall?

13. How important is acoustics for a home theatre?

14. How important is acoustics for an office, conference hall, discussion room?

15. How important is acoustics for a restaurant, dining hall, food court, pub?

16. How and when does one involve an acoustic consultant?


17. How can the audio and acoustics requirements of a hall be met?

18. How to make an investment estimate for an audio and acoustic project?

19. How does an audio and acoustic designer work?


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