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HALLS:  All large spaces like auditoriums, concert halls, places of worship, multipurpose halls, audiovisual rooms, conference halls etc may be considered as halls. The reverberation time to be achieved may differ from one space to another depending on the activities to be conducted in the hall.


ACOUSTIC REQUIREMENTS: The clarity of sound, feeling of warmth and spaciousness are the main features. Stage is acoustically prepared for the artists to hear themselves during live programmes. More acoustic features to the hall can be added after discussion with the architect and the users.


ACOUSTIC DESIGN APPROACH: Our approach to meet the above acoustic requirements is to use minimum acoustic paneling to first achieve the desired reverberation time. Further the design focuses on lateralization of sound reflections towards the audience area. The focusing of sound in isolated areas and flutter echoes are eliminated thereby achieving uniform sound levels in the seating area.


ACOUSTIC COMPONENTS & PANELING: Acoustic paneling having absorptive, diffusive and reflective properties are designed, fabricated and installed as per acoustic design specifications. We have an experienced team of acoustic fabricators to work on turnkey project basis.


ACOUSTIC EVALUATION:  The acoustic work is evaluated using computer based acoustical measurement system. The acoustic design is verified through intensive calculations/drawings work  and computer based programmes.


INVESTMENT : A fee is initially required to carry out preliminary acoustic studies and submit a proposal. The value of this work depends on the site location and dimensions of the hall. It takes 2 to 3 weeks to prepare preliminary proposal. In case the order is placed, the fee is adjusted against the final investment.