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Audio System Selection

                 Audio system is required for sound reproduction in a theatre and sound reinforcement during live programmes. For high quality audio system is integrated from selected discrete audio components. The main components are:

1. Sound Source: Microphones and Disc Players

2. Preamplifiers, Audio Mixers and Audio Power Amplifiers

3. Loudspeakers

Interconnecting and Loudspeaker Cables

Selection Guide: The technological advancements in electronics have ensured good quality electronic components like amplifiers, mixers, surround processors and disc players are available at much lower investment as compared to past years. However loudspeakers and microphones are not electronic components. The progress in material science and their understanding has made them more reliable and consistent in performance. However the design and development of quality loudspeakers is still a challenge to the designers. The audio system quality is generally limited due to poor selection of loudspeakers.



1. Specify the sound levels required in the hall/ theatre/room. This depends on the usage of the space. Specifying a maximum of 85dbre0.00002Newton/m2 may be good enough for lecture halls and concerts. However for rock shows much higher levels (100dbre0.00002N/m2 or more) are to be specified.

2. Loudspeakers of high quality may be selected ensuring uniform sound levels in the audience area. This is a critical selection.

3. Knowing loudspeaker sensitivity one may work out the audio power amplifier wattage required. We recommend much higher wattage amplifiers than the calculated wattage.

4. Audio Mixer, microphones and disc player are selected based on the user needs.

5. Depending on the length of the Interconnect, microphone and loudspeaker cables the cables are specified. However connectors of high quality are used.