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Made in India

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Bali Acoustic Company

LOUDSPEAKER – Badgers Two Way Satellites

· Power 50WattsRMS, 8 OHM

· Sensitivity 84dB+/-2db

· Woofer5.25inch Sandwich Cone, Tweeter cone: 2.5inch

· Beam width: Horizontal 60 degrees (-6db), Vertical 60degrees(-6db)

· Optimized Network, Crossover Frequency 7000Hz

· Weight: 5Kg ( 11lbs)

· Styled enclosure, Very Rigid and Inert Box for Uncoloured sound reproduction


Price: Rs. 10,900 a unit + VAT


             The design is modular and loudspeaker array can formed by using more than one badger. The sides are splayed to avoid re-radiation of reflections inside the enclosure. The loudspeaker front is styled to minimize diffraction from the enclosure. Internal Bracing for rigidity and sound definition. The loudspeaker is designed for high quality sound reproduction. It can be mounted on wall.



                             It is an ideal satellite speaker and with a subwoofer shown in photograph above cutting in at 80Hz becomes a seamless sound reproducer for home theatre applications and even as a stereo system. It can also be used to form distributed sound system for large venues like food courts, dining halls and small touring groups performing indoors.