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Bali Acoustic Company

                 Recording studios represent one of the most critical fields of acoustic design. Very low levels of external noise interference and ambient noise are necessary to prevent distraction. In addition the acoustic quality of programme must be free from the signatures of the space. Therefore room modes and echoes must be suppressed to avoid any coloration in recorded sound. The studio aesthetics must help bring out the best from the performer.

Our Approach to Studio Acoustic Design:

          After understanding the user requirements and studying the pace available, we set the acoustic specifications to meet to objectives. Our acoustic design then proceeds scientifically and is customized to meet the project specifications. All acoustic components, sound diffusers, absorbers and reflectors are designed developed and tested at our production facility for installation at site. Some fabrication takes place directly on the walls for technical and economical reasons. We design sound diffusers based on mathematical sequences for the required frequency bandwidths. Our company’s intensive R&D and design strength in acoustics and audio ensure that the outcome is the most elegant and the state of the art  acoustic solution and the fabrication is at the most cost –effective. All our acoustic components meet the world-class quality. Further the results are verified through acoustic measurements.