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Bali Acoustic Company


                 Acoustics is the science of sound and also is synonym with quality of sound. Good acoustics add value to a space in terms of enhancing its utilization along with intangible benefits to the personal wellbeing of the listener. It puts life to the sound by making it more intelligible and spacious.

       We have been studying acoustics and working with new acoustic designs and products for the past 10 years. The state of the art acoustic design is based on achieving specified values of objective acoustic parameters Early Decay Time, Reverberation Time, Lateral Sound Fraction Ratio, Clarity, Definition etc. The latest research in architectural acoustics asks for maximizing lateral reflections coming to the listener and achieving a desired value of reverberation time.

        The acoustic design works out the location, quantity and technical specifications for the acoustic panels needed. The different types of acoustic panels used by us are sound absorbers, sound diffusers and sound reflectors. We fabricate these panels using the best quality materials. The surface materials choice is wood and gypsum.

          We base the diffuser design on the theory given by Dr. Schroeder. These are based on Quadratic Residues (QRD) or Primitive Roots (PRD).

      It may be rewarding to consider acoustics of a building when it is still at architectural drawing stage. This results in a more cost-effective acoustic solution.  Considering the audio system interfacing with the hall/room loudspeaker quality and placement can also influence sound quality.